RTR Flyer 2017

It is rapidly approaching and we anticipate an even bigger crowd this year.  The band is ready to go and we are excited to see you there at the event.  Attached is the flyer for the event.

Over the last 2 years, we have raised funds for a covered arena with lights and fans.  The arena was completed this year and it has been amazing.  What a huge difference it has made for our program.  We cannot thank you enough for all your support.  This year we are working on a few additional items for the arena (sprinkler system, grading around the edges, speakers) and are starting work on our sensory course.  Additionally, the funds will help us continue to keep the operating cost down and thus allow us to keep our lesson fees at a low level.

Come join us on Sept 17th for our annual fundraising event at the Blue Note Grill in downtown Durham.



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